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Innovative plate system with three different weight absorption areas embedded in polyurethane foam layers for comfortable and healthy sleeping. IRO is a hypo-allergenic mattress with anti-mite, anti-bacterial and anti-mould treatment; it is entirely made in Italy and delivered directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries.

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IRO combines innovative materials and Italian design to create a cutting edge, comfortable, practical and healthy mattress. Four different layers provide a peaceful night’s sleep and revolutionary dreams for a better life, during day and night.

First layer

Medium firmness open-cell foam with microcells, shaped on the underside for better ventilation and to perfectly adjust to any type of base (fixed as well as manually and electrically foldable bases)

Medium firmness area

Medium firmness area to provide support to shoulders with 35 kg/m³ density, superior elastic performance and low deformation

Soft area

Cozy area to accommodate shoulders with excellent elastic performance and great comfort

High density area

T35P characterized by a high density, non-deformable, extra comfortable material

Third layer

Open-cell non-deformable and ergonomic polyurethane foam with 30 kg/m³ density and pass-through channels for better ventilation and high level comfort for a perfect blood circulation


Solid wood edge to protect corners and reinforce both frame and base

Fourth layer

Solid viscoelastic memory foam with a 40 Kg/m³ density. This innovative material offers comfort, breathability, and elasticity through distinct areas that react differently to pressure and body temperature and maintain your backbone correct position

To each his own

The firmer central area is designed to accommodate the lumbar region of the body. The other two areas have different firmness or softness – you just need to rotate the mattress to try them both and find your ideal spot


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The label and its meaning

IRO’s label contains valuable information on your new mattress, so you can always keep an eye on its features, and to cleaning and maintenance instructions.
IRO’s removable cover with zippers is recommended for machine washing at 40°C or dry cleaning with specific products (perchloroethylene, aviation gasoline, pure alcohol, R111 and R113).
Do not use steam washers or dryers.
IRO is a hypo-allergenic mattress with anti-mite treatment.
Slight pilling is not to be considered a defect.


iro materasso in memory dettaglio

A unique mattress for your unique characteristics

IRO is mattress that has your unique features at heart: the innovative plate system with three different weight absorption areas welcomes you with exactly the right firmness.


Removable, hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial cover


Open-cell foam with microcells


Three areas with different weight absorption


Open-cell foam with microcells


Solid viscoelastic memory foam


Quality is always acknowledged and IRO’s quality is backed by certificates proving its care for manufacturing and protection of human health and the environment.

Class 1 Medical Device

IRO is a Class 1 Medical Device, compliant with EU Directive 93/42/EEC for materials enabling blood circulation and relieving contact pressure

Confidence in Textiles

IRO has been awarded the “Confidence in Textiles” certificate, which states the lack of harmful substances in textile components in compliance with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®


IRO has received the “Certipur” certificate, which states environmental sustainability, safety and healthiness of the polyurethane foam according to Europur standard

Certiquality safety management

IRO is manufactured in compliance with safety and health standards for the resources involved in the process pursuant to Certiquality certificate

Made in Italy

IRO is a 100% made in Italy mattress: each component is entirely designed and manufactured on Italian territory

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are IRO’s shipping rates?

    Zero, shipping is free.

  • I can’t find IRO in the size I want

    On request we can manufacture a tailor made IRO mattress. Contact us for more information and send us your specifications.

  • Why is IRO so affordable?

    IRO is delivered from manufacturer to consumer without intermediaries or stores. It allows us to bear lower costs and you can have a better price without trading off on quality.